Breaking the Virtual Memory Abstraction with Transient Out-of-Order Execution

Homebrew Hack

Cory Fields Vuln from Bitcoin Cash

Stats and Events

Xapo UTXO Consolidation

Lightning Network Stats


Bitcoin PRs

Group Coin Selection Option

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter 8

P2P Encryption

AVX512 intrinsic

Dandelion Implementation

Min relay fee

Anti-DoS Locator limit

Compact Block Filter

Property Based Testing


Arbitrary Contracts over Lightning

LND v0.5

C-lightning v0.6.1


Cuckoo Cycles No Longer ASIC resistant

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Rust in-memory blockchain store

Tadge Dryja - Accumulators for UTXO commitments

Pay to Endpoint

Chia BLS Lib

Hardware Wallet PSBT Library