Bitcoin Core PRs

First step in multiprocess bitcoin-core merged

Add some invalid message tests for P2P layer

PSBT Bug Fix

Return of the Banman


Built Bitcoin-QT without BIP 70/OpenSSL

File descriptor fix

Expansion cache functions for descriptors


Overview of Lightning Australia Summit Wumbo bit Splicing

2-party ECDSA (for private channels only) Advertise inbound liquidity

AMP & Link-level AMP Rendezvous Routing

Schnorr Signatures for announcements/updates Full list of potential 1.1 change:

  1. Use static BIP32 addr for to-remote
  2. Add symmetric CSV delay commitment outputs
  3. Add 2-byte error codes
  4. Should ping before sending commitment signed
  5. Define inline BIP69
  6. Splicing w/ renegotiated channel params!!
  7. Splice out w/ upfront shutdown script
  8. Wumbo bit for large channels
  9. Dual funded channels, maker advertisement
  10. RBF for funding txns, continue on ML
  11. 2p-ecdsa for private channel funding, global+local feature bits
  12. Extra Onion Blob decoding
  13. Base+OG AMP
  14. Document non-strict forwarding
  15. Rendezvous routing proposal
  16. Protocol-level ACK/soft errors
  17. DNS queries + global list
  18. New sid format
  19. INV gossip
  20. Set-reconciliation gossip
  21. Maximum CSV of 2016
  22. Chain hash in Init message
  23. Schnorr gossip messages
  24. Separate port for gossip/ephemeral gossip pubkey
  25. Channel range queries w/ timestamps
  26. Channel_announcement + channel_close w/ merkle proofs
  27. Block header forwarding
  28. channel_update really_really_really_disable bit 2

Lightning and Scriptless Scripts

Advertising Inbound Liquidity

Option to disable fund push


Square Outsourcing Subzero

Square Market Metrics new explorer

Bulletproofs 1.0 release from Interstellar


Segwit Usage

Lightning Network Stats

Bitcoin Optech Discussion on Segwit Reduction


SSH Tectia Vulnerability

VirtualBox 0-day