Native Segwit at Bitgo and Gemini

DLC Contract Settlement

LND 0.6 Release

Lightning & The Law


Segwit Data

LN Stats

New Work & Research

Assumevalid UTXOs

Trampoline Payments

Smart Contracts Unchained (from ZmnSCPxj aka Z-man)

Minimum Price Softfork Proposal (April Fools)

BIP 301 - Blind Merged Mining

Bitcoin PRs

BIP 157 PR Merged

Revert Getdata randomization

Make sending to future native witness outputs standard

Poly1305 Implementation for future BIP 151 P2P update

Interruptible Orphan Processing

Native Descriptor Wallets

Lightning PRs ⚡

C-Lightning: Invoice Payment Hook

C-Lightning: Migrate tx handling to libwally

LND: Accept external URL for neutrino fee estimation

LND: Channel caches

LND: routerrpc, new payment rpc

Neutrino: Batch filter fetching