LND 0.7

C-Lightning 0.7

President Trump not a fan of Bitcoin

Congressional hearing on Bitcoin and Libra

Network & Stats

Coinmetrics State of the Network

Invalid Block

Lightning Justice Transactions

Submitted Questions

What happened to 0.13’s ‘importprunedfunds’? What is roadmap for updating UTXO set in pruned node?

New Work & Research

SeF: A Secure Fountain Architecture for Slashing Storage Costs in Blockchains

Million Channel Project

Ken Sedwick - Lightning POS

Bip 322 - Signed Message format

SLIP-0039 Work

BOLT TLV Proposal

Chia Greenpaper

Bitcoin PRs

Enable building in Guix containers

Bip-37 Bloom Filters Disabled

Poly1305 & ChaCha20 Implementations Merged

Add Support for descriptors to utxoupdatepsbt

Signet Support

Parallelize CheckInputs() in AcceptToMemoryPool()

Standardize Deployment Handling


Make whitebind/whitelist permissions more flexible

Dandelion PR Closed

Milestone 0.19

Lightning PRs ⚡

C-lightning: TLV Parsing

LND: Don’t reply to request for initial_graph_sync

LND: htlcswitch: pipeline settles to switch

LND: Watchtower client RPC Server

LND: Persistent Mission Control

LND: Mobile RPCs