Bitcoin Core 0.18.1

New C-Lightning Release

Bitmex Watchtower

Bitmex Flows

Matt Joining Square Crypto

Ira Kleinman Case

Github CI Discussion

Stats & Network Info

Segwit Adoption Flat

Optech Compatibility Matrix

P2PKH Usage Increased

Comparitive Analysis of Bitcoin Forks

Analysis of Fork Legitimacy

New Work & Research

Miniscript Updates

Proposal to switch to 32-byte keys in Schnorr and Taproot

Nayuta Lightning Shield (Will bring hardware to meetup)

Suredbits Playground

BIP 155: addrv2 BIP proposal

Modeling a Steady-State LN Economy

Bitcontracts: Expressive smart contracts on Legacy Chains

Bitcoin PRs

Improve privacy through udpdates to rebroadcast logic

p2p: supplying and using asmap to improve IP bucketing in addrman

Allow createwallet to take empty passwords to make unencrypted wallets

Lightning PRs ⚡

C-lightning: Cowsay plugin 🐄

C-lightning: Multiple DB Support

C-lightning: wireshark dissector revamp

RFC Tests

LND: multi- implement new safu commitment format

LND: Track Peer Uptime

LND: Pathfinding Optimizations