Block 600,000

Sudo Flaw Linux

NordVPN Hacked

Teamviewer & APT 41

Crackdown on Mining in Inner Mongolia

Electrum 4.0 will have Lightning Support

Taproot Workshop

Virtual Currency Act CA

Schnorr/Taproot Review Period


Bitcoin Transaction Monitor

Segwit Trends

New Work & Research

Taproot Updates

Bitcoin Tx to words

Discreet Log Contract Series

Erlay BIP


Bitcoin PRs

9% less memory: make SaltedOutpointHasher noexcept

Cache 26% more coins: Reduce CCoinsMap::value_type from 96 to 76 bytes

p2p: Avoid forwarding ADDR messages to SPV nodes

Serialization Improvements

Rust in Bitcoin Core

Rust-based Backup over REST block downloader

Remove BIP61 reject messages

descriptors: Introduce sortedmulti descriptor

Lightning PRs ⚡

Rusty Lightning Conf Overview

C-lightning 0.7.3rc

LND 0.8

Reproducible Builds in LND