Bitcoin Core 0.19 Released


CVE-2017–18350 - Buffer Overflow with malicious proxy

Electrum & PSBT

Tor integration on Green

Open Development Contract


Block stats

Segwit Trends

New Work & Research

Bech 32 weakness

Proposal for upfront LN payments

Simplified Commitments

Address Relay Support

Reducing Bitcoin Tx Sizes with x-only Pubkeys

Bitcoin Standup

Bitcoin PRs

BIP157 Status

O(1) OP_IF/NOTIF/ELSE/ENDIF script implementation

Use effective values throughout coin selection

Remove BIP 70 Support

Remove OpenSSL

Epoch Mempool

Replace the LogPrint function with a macro

test: Add generatetodescriptor RPC

Lightning PRs ⚡

routing: non-strict path finding

C-lightning: hsmtools for c-lightning

LND: routerrpc: add queryprob rpc

LND: Add Option Upfront Shutdown

LND: htlcswitch+invoices: allow settling invoices via multi-path payments

LND: channeldb+rpcserver: expose legacy payments as multi-path payments

LND: chanfunding: create new package to abstract over funding workflows

LND: implement “safe mode” node stand up