Ransom Attack on Coldcard

Bitcoin Mining in North America

Bitcoin Core Release

Stratum V2


UTXO Set Stats

Fee Estimation Dashboard

LN Big Sun Explorer

New Work & Research

Bitcoin’s Initial Block Download

Analysis of Bech32 swap/insert/delete detection and next steps

BOLT 13 Watchtower Protocol

Composable MuSig

Miniscript finding savings

How to profit from payment channels

Bitcoin PRs

fix uninitialized variable nMinerConfirmationWindow

Remove unused COINBASE_FLAGS

Remove straggling openssl references

Expose height of wallet transaction

BIP-322 generic signed message format

Assume UTXO Work

Deduplicate sign/verify code

Signed-digit multi-comb for ecmult_gen

Lightning PRs ⚡

c-lightning: generate a static tor onion address unique to the node id

c-lightning: Add a sendcustommsg RPC call and a custommsg plugin hook for experimental protocol extensions

c-lightning: experimental MPP send and receive support

lnd: experimental key send mode

lnd: invoices - expose custom tlv records from the payload

lnd: add optional close address

LN Spec: Bolt 1: Specify that extensions to existing messages must use TLV