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Onboarding Bitcoin Core

Lightning Loop Beta

Lightning Labs Series A

Trezor Flaw

Estimated post-halvening mining profitability


Lightning Public vs Private Channels

Segwit Usage

New Work & Discussions

Taproot Complexity

BIP 340 Updates

FullyNoded-2 by Blockchain Commons

Lightning Direct Message Draft

Why not use libp2p discussion

C-Lightning 0.8.1

OP_CTV Work and Discussion

Bitcoin PRs

Add LN support

Siphash Optimization

Add NAT-PMP Port forwarding support

Remove calls to Chain::Lock methods

Use wtxid for transaction relay

gui: save and load psbt

tests: Add –valgrind option to test/fuzz/ for running fuzzing test cases under valgrind

Serialization Improvements

PSBT: check that various indexes and amounts are within bounds

Update LevelDB to 1.22+

Return descriptor from createmultisig and addmultisigaddress

Add fuzzing for AS-mapping (asmap)

config, net, test: asmap functional tests and feature refinements

Lightning PRs ⚡

LND 0.9.1

C-Lightning 0.8.1

C-lightning: generalize Bitcoin backend

C-lightning: terminate plugins correctly