GLV patent expired

Brink Development Organization

What’s Coming To The Bitcoin Core Wallet in 0.21

Lightning Pool

Bitcoin Core PR Review Club

COPA: Crypto Open Patent Alliance

Bitcoin Design Grants

Bitcoin corporate treasuries


Segwit Adoption: discuss relevance to taproot adoption

Mining Stats

Taproot Activation Monitor

New Work & Research

Switch to evenness tiebreaker in Taproot

Bitcoin Archaelogy

Bech32 Updates/Proposal

Hold fees: 402 Payment Required for Lightning itself

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Signet Merged

Bitcoin PRs

Bip 340-342

Use wtxid for transaction relay

Addrv3 implementation with TORv3 address support

GLV commit (finally active by default)

SQLite as alternative wallet DB

Native Descriptor Wallets

Multiprocess Bitcoin (continued…)

ZMQ: Create “sequence” notifier, enabling client-side mempool tracking

Lightning PRs ⚡


C-lightning 0.9.2 release

[anchors] HTLC second level aggregation in the sweeper

discovery: rate limit incoming channel updates

features+invoices: force MPP payload inclusion for non-keysend payments

walletrpc: add new PSBT creation+signing RPCs

healthcheck: add regular chain backend and disk space checks