Treasury Department Regulations

Traditional Institutions Allocating to Bitcoin

Bitgo Settlement

Square Green Energy Bitcoin Fund

Kraken Lightning Network

OCC Stablecoin Guidance

Blockstream Jade

Bitcoin miner price hikes


Taproot Activation

Lightning Stats

UTXO Visualization

UTXO Set repartition by output type

New Work & Research

BDK v0.2.0

Bounds on divsteps iterations in safegcd

Bech32 Upgrade Updates

Recovery of Lightning Channels without Backups

Mitigating Channel Jamming with Stake Certs

New PSBT Version Proposal

PoDLEs revisited

Bitcoin PRs

Safegcd inverses, drop Jacobi symbols, remove libgmp

External Signer Support

rpc: Add getblocklocations call

rpc: Add scanblockfilters RPC call

rpc: getblockfrompeer

wallettool: add parameter to create descriptors wallet

build: Fix macOS code signing by pre-allocating space for the code signature during gitian build

Periodically make block-relay connections and sync headers

Lightning PRs ⚡

bolt-09: reserve feature bits for option_anchors_zero_fee_htlc_tx

Trampoline Routing 2021

lnwire: fix heap escapes to reduce gc pressure

LND rc3

LN Offers