Bitcoin Core 0.21.0

Bitcoin $1T Market Cap

Bitcoin whitepaper copyright attempt from scammer Craig Wright

Bitcoin Design Community


Weird “double spend” panic

New mailing list for Discreet Log Contracts

Marathon “clean mining”


Increase in node count


Mempool backlog

New Work & Research

Bitcoin Design Community

Analyzing miner tx censorship

Taproot activation discussion


Formal proof of safegcd Bounds 2.0 launch

Proposal ot stop processing unrequested txs in Bitcoin Core

New Multisig protocol BIP

Bitcoin PRs

HWI: Enable processing of OP_RETURN outputs

P2P Message Capture

Guix release transition plan

Make whitelist permissions more flexible

Bitcoin netinfo update


Lightning PRs ⚡

multi: support derived public key import

[anchors] Reserve wallet balance for anchor fee bumping

docker: add verification script

basic etcd leader election

routing: if MaxShardAmt is set, then use that as a ceiling for our splits, use default of 16 for MaxParts