COPA vs Scammer

Bitcoin Athletes

Crypto Council for Innovation

Microstrategy Board Paid in Bitcoin

31 Lighting Wallets

CPFP Detection on

Tesla Bitcoin Support

Tesla BTCPay Server Bug Report

OK Coin LN Support

Bitcoin Paper Wallet Backdoor

Stats 30-40% of txs

59 Duplicate nonces in the blockchain

Payment per tx increase during fee spike

2020 Core Dev Reflections

r and S-values in Bitcoin ECDSA Signatures

New Work & Research

Taproot Speedy Trial

Descriptor Based Paper Wallets

BDK 0.5.0

Delegated signatures


Lightning Node Performance

Lightning Protocol Stack Diagram

Bitcoin PRs

bitcoind: Add -daemonwait option to wait for initialization

Basic Taproot signing support for descriptor wallets

Update libsecp256k1 subtree to latest master

Implement BIP 370 PSBTv2

A few descriptor improvements to prepare for Taproot support

Add I2P Support using I2P SAM

Bech32m Support Merged

guix: Misc feedback-based fixes + hier restructuring

Qt: Add Android packaging support

Lightning PRs ⚡

Add basic bitcoin signet support

lndinit: add tool for automated wallet creation, auto unlock wallet

channeldb+invoices: add spontaneous AMP receiving + sending via SendToRoute

c-lightning: Dual Funding