Taproot locked in

China bans Bitcoin

Beware of Fake Ledger Wallets

iCloud private relay

Africrypt Theft

FATF Compliant Travel Rule Narcware


Large difficulty adjustment

Strong LN growth

P2WPKH Outputs Increasing

75% Segwit transactions

New Work & Research

Federated Chaumian Mints

Bluewallet: rn-ldk


BIPs for output decriptors


Taproot fields for PSBTs

Anti-fee sniping protection with nSequence in taproot txs

Bech32m compatibility

Full RBF

Pickhardt Payments

Bitcoin PRs


More Erlay progress

Rate limit processing of rumoured IP addrs

libsecp256k1: Schnorr API overhaul

WIP: Remove gitian

Taproot signing support for descriptor wallets

Lightning PRs ⚡

LND 0.13 beta

Remove wumbo HTLC restrictions

Offer postgres as DB option

Update assumed chain params